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Waiting in the “mundane” things

Today I got to see me through the eyes of a writer.

Lately, I’d been living my life like I owned it but I talked about God like he owned me.

I had taken a step without consulting God and I was expecting him to bless my decision.

Then I thought, “wait a minute, God has warned me to remain faithful to Him but I’ve been unfaithful!”

Yahweh expects us to completely leave our life’s decisions to him no matter how little or weird they may seem. No matter how mundane that idea or step may be.

I was livid with myself because I had failed God. I had failed to remain faithful while leaning on my abilities.

I encourage you dear reader, no matter how little that situation may seem, let God (Yahweh) give you the final say and the green light to go before you go.

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