Does God disappoint?

A question like this in a certain sect of Christianity may find it blasphemous. Let’s be honest. We’ve at some point felt angry at God, we felt he disappointed us because he didn’t do things the way we wanted.

Today I was in that position “again”! Yes again. I’ve been angry at God before but today I felt very disappointed and I wasn’t sure what to think any more.

At that point God reminds me,

My ways are not your ways neither my thoughts your thoughts.

He goes on to console His child, after I apologise for being angry and disappointed. He tells me:

I am with you, fear not

Well, let’s be clear. He told me this before I did what I needed him to help me get through successfully. So right now, I’m thinking “you said that before, nothing happened”. I remind myself that what happened to me and me being angry doesn’t change who God is. I can not force him to answer my prayers or bend to my will. I cannot explain why it happened this way but I can look back at my life and know that I still serve a sovereign God.

I have left my life to him. He may do as he pleases. I have no one else but Him.

Let it feel very bad and I hurt and cry but my Heavenly Father knows I wish I got what I prayed for. Amazingly, he always takes care of me and I’ll keep reminding myself that he always comes through just in time.

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