The author got married

It’s been weeks of planning, weeks turned to months and we couldn’t wait. Amidst the preparation came a lot of arguments and fear of the unknown. This was a whole new realm for both of us and in between planning, we caught ourselves worried about each other.
Yes we love each other very much but we had to put God’s purpose for us ahead of our needs. We realised during preparation, planning and counselling that all the word we got from God isn’t for us. Our LORD Adonai, is interested in using us for His Kingdom not our pleasure only!
We had to spend time studying and praying that we won’t miss the true essence of our marriage – a ministry- a calling to a certain group of people.
We are grateful to you for hanging on with us while we were planning and now we are married!! Watch this space, more juicy bits from the WORD will be coming your way by the Grace of Adonai.

Thank you to all who were part of our big day. We can’t say thank you enough. We were glad that you were there to share in our joy, worship and testimony. This is just the beginning!

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