Emotions rising and the world moves on

I wasn’t going to write on this topic because it’s way too sensitive. It’s sensitive to me because I understand and have been a victim of racism. The case of George and Armaud is way beyond inhumane. And this certainly needs to stop!!

If you have blood flowing in your veins, you’re no different from the other person who is brown nor are you different from me who is chocolate. Let’s address this issue. Let’s all take a bias test.

I previously, many years ago made statements like “white people”, my husband, then fiance told me then to stop saying “white people”. He’d go on to say, “there’s only one race, the race of Christ/humans”.

At work today, emotions ran wild. People were so empathetic, tears were in almost everyone’s eyes because we are only a handful of colours.

I don’t care what you look like. God loves you as much as he loves me and you have been made by this awesome God whether or not you choose to admit it. For that reason, we are one!


We all need to do something about this in our own little way. No matter what skin colour you are. Help educate people, listen when people talk about their struggles of racism, pray for the nation and for healing, and be empathetic! Thank you.

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