Diary · Worship Series

…And the word came

You say and do,

You speak and it is done

A doer of words is You

A giver of life to words

Pitch darkness bringing light,

Unplanted soil, bearing trees

Never born animals having life

All for Your words “let there be”!

It is written down, inspired

It is rehashed by us, children

It is remembered, and done

Your words never undone

It always “comes to pass”!

Never filtered, spoken as is

Unfiltered, brought to be as spoken

To you the bringer of life to words

To you the all sufficient and omniscient

We bring words of Praise back to you

For you are the owner of true Words

Words spoken, blessed by Your Spirit

Words prayed, enhanced by Your Spirit

Words delivered to you, by your Spirit

Returns to us mere mortals in manifestations

To you we praise and worship

Our blessed LORD, incomparable

Unmistakably You. Undoubtedly Your mighty hands. Unexplainably Your faithfulness.

Glory forevermore!

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